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marry me jeremy pritchard

Wednesdays, 4-6pm

DJs: Ashley Parenti, Stephen Weber
Genre: bops



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May 1, 2019 View shleys hour- "youre listening to 91.7 WCUR West Chester. The show is marry me jeremy pritchard, hosted by the two most recently single members of WCUR Shley and Stephen!!!!!"
May 1, 2019 View stephen's hour - this definitely isn't the right post-breakup playlist but you can give it a shot i guess
April 10, 2019 View shleys hour- im in a weird mood and i think its from eating so much guac
April 3, 2019 View stephen's hour - it's over a week later and i just realized i forgot to add this
April 3, 2019 View shleys hour - brainstorm is brianstorm what????
March 27, 2019 View stephen's hour - shley is happy today and it's really throwing me off
March 27, 2019 View shleys hour - playlist is A+ this week tbh
March 20, 2019 View shleys hour - its really nice out and being in here is making me depressed
March 20, 2019 View stephen's hour - "wow you didn't even fucking title it"
March 13, 2019 View stephen's hour - one day they're just going to give up and lock us in Sykes for a week to see what happens
March 13, 2019 View shleys hour- stephen broke his back but i think hes gonna be okay
March 6, 2019 View stephen's hour - this hour was pretty """"mediocre"""" tbh
March 6, 2019 View shleys hour - stephen is being nice again kinda thank god
February 27, 2019 View stephen's hour - i don't give financial advice often but overpriced lamps are not worth it
February 27, 2019 View shley's hour - one day carolyn is going to like me more
February 20, 2019 View stephen's hour - we should start betting on which chair is going to last the longest in the station before they all break
February 20, 2019 View shley's hour - my feet hurt
February 13, 2019 View stephen's hour - my little league career never really got off the ground
February 13, 2019 View shley's hour - this show would be better with levasseur
February 6, 2019 View stephen's hour - Parquet Courts are definitely from Boston
February 6, 2019 View shley's hour - "i'm struggling"
January 30, 2019 View stephen's hour - wanted to make this more creative but i'm also really tired
January 30, 2019 View shley's hour