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Date View Description
May 2, 2019 View songs about serial killers
April 25, 2019 View Do I even have to say I'm playing Billie Eilish at this point?
April 18, 2019 View Lots of Billie Eilish, as per usual.
April 11, 2019 View played happy music
April 4, 2019 View A lot of Bobby Eyelash!
March 28, 2019 View yuck
March 21, 2019 View it's so romantic in paris
March 7, 2019 View The Maui Princess is here to stay.
February 28, 2019 View cue hannah montana transitions
February 21, 2019 View We played "Summer Skin" by Isla Roe versus "Winter Bones" by someone else, lmfao.
February 14, 2019 View it is day of love and we r playin death songs
February 7, 2019 View We're all having a good time here
January 31, 2019 View Lots of Rainbow Kitten Surprise, because Domenica is seeing them tonight and won't shut up about it. Oh, and this time Domenica is alone.
December 6, 2018 View
November 29, 2018 View 6-7pm, Michael and Nicole taking tests
November 8, 2018 View Domenica's hosting Sad Dad Hour with Brendan and Molly. Featuring Molly's sore back, Doménica's low self esteem, and Brendan's ill-timed laughter.
November 1, 2018 View we heart da pierces
October 25, 2018 View A little bit of what Domenica's Discover Weekly threw her way.
October 18, 2018 View Florence + Florence + more Florence! and a lil bit of death cab
October 11, 2018 View Lots of Hozier and Rainbow Kitten Surprise.
October 4, 2018 View
September 20, 2018 View Ashley's Alone :(
September 13, 2018 View
September 6, 2018 View Lots of Hozier, followed by The Brutalists.