Action Bronson – Dimitri Review

Matt Horan

“Dmitri” is the first song off of Action Bronson’s 2019 EP “Lamb Over Rice.” The album was produced by The Alchemist and consists of seven songs. Prior to the release of the album, The Alchemist took to twitter and said, “The first verse u will hear on Lamb Over Rice is a spiritual experience.” I fully agree. Bronson has found extreme success as of late. Collaborating with several big-name artists such as Chance the Rapper and even having his own tv titled “F**k, That’s Delicious” where he travels the world tasting all sorts of delicacies from around the world. However, in the song, he calls back to his beginnings and upbringing in Queens New York, with an old school beat to match. Throughout the song, he makes call backs to his experiences on the streets with such lyrics as “Make ten lefts, I lost fifty on the Mets, I’m a mess.” Making ten lefts actually is about the distance of two and a half laps around a standard city block. It’s safe to say he’s stating he has been around the block a few times. Overall, the song is a good listen, not only for it’s fantastic and almost nostalgic production, but the lyrics as well.

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