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About the Training Process

Our training is designed to help students learn the ins-and-outs of our studio and equipment. Once they have it down-pat, they can start flexing their creative muscles and put together the show they want.

This consists of 3 major components: Who We Are, Equipment & Terminology, and Policies & Procedures.

Who We Are

WCUR-FM is a federally licensed, Class A radio station. (Effectively, this means we’re legit.) We are one of the only clubs on WCU’s campus subject to strict federal law, which means we don’t operate like other organizations. This first session is intended to help trainees gain an understanding of who’s who and how we make decisions as a group of college students.

Equipment & Terminology

As one might expect, we use some pretty neat pieces of kit to make our sound go out over FM at 91.7mHZ & online. You’ll go hands-on with our DJs to learn how to operate the equipment in our on-air studio, plus the tips-and-tricks our DJs have to share about their own experiences.

Policies & Procedures

Because we are licensed, we have to play by some rules. We also have our own policies to make sure we work well as an organization. This session is focused on understanding those policies and how they translate to day-to-day operations.

Ready to go live?

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