Ayanis (Feat Queen Naija – ‘Lil Boi (Big Talk)’

Sara Bendrihem

Ayanis is an R&B and Soul singer. Her new single Lil Boi (Big Talk) featuring Queen Naija who is an R&B singer, got released January 21st, 2020. In the song, Queen Naija and Ayanis talk to this boy who is a cheater and a player. They both say that they moved on and that they don’t want to deal with him anymore, Queen and Ayanis sing in the chorus “ I’m off that lil boi Sh*t”

Ayanis sings the first verse and the chorus and the bridge and Queen sings the second verse. The beat starts as soon as Ayanis starts singing the first chorus where she addresses the boy and expresses how unhappy and disappointed in him she is. Ayanis sings “ I take it you never had it someone to teach you what a man is… I’m just another bed you tryna lie your way to”. My favorite part is the pre chorus when the beat stops and she sings “I’m talking that big talk, big boi big talk”. Then Queen starts singing the second chorus where she tells the boy that she already knows that he’s a cheater and that she is not as innocent as the other girls he played, she sings “… know them other girls let you play, I’m letting you know ain’t no playing with me…” then Ayanis sings the pre chorus and the chorus again and goes on to the bridge where she sings at a slower tempo, then she goes on to sing the pre chorus and the chorus for the last time.

Overall, I like the song because of the R&B beat and the mix of Queen and Ayanis alto voices. I recommend this song for Hip Hop and R&B fans.

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