Band of Skulls – “Love Is All You Love” Review

Jordan Schreiber

The new single “Love Is All You Love” from the British alternative rock band, Band of Skulls, is the sway to your feet summer jam you’ve been waiting to hear released. The song featured on their brand new album “Love Is All You Love” released on April 12th of 2019 features both female and male vocals that help create of a sweet balance between edgy and angelic. The use of distortion over the vocals as well as the guitar give the song a classic rock sound and a grunge like vibe. The song begins in unison rhythm wise from the drums, bass, and guitar symbolizing the tightness of this group and intrigues the listener to keep on listening. My personal favorite part of the single is the sound effects added in by the members such as the fake cough noise, the distant “woos” and the sporadic use of bells. The bass although it can be argued as repetitive, provides a funky consistent beat, contagious enough to make anyone move along. The song is neither upbeat nor dark but gives the listener a feeling of enjoyment as they bop their head along.

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