Criminal Hygiene – “Run It Again” Review

Alec Good

Criminal Hygiene’s freshest release, Run It Again, is chock full of melodies that are major in sound, uprooting an energetic, glass-half-full feeling from the listener. The record possesses a delightfully genuine set of songs—that is, production is used mostly when absolutely necessary and allows one to examine each instrument with very little in the way. Two personally outstanding tracks were “Rearrange Me” and “Breaking Out The Stained Glass”, the latter of the two having some of the most vigor of the album, and having a sound I enjoy observing again and again. In admittance, this is surely a left turn from the usual sauntering-pace of war machine melodies that a headbanger such as myself generally demands. The verdict: a refreshing album for those who want a fast-paced, but not as rambunctious, punk sound, and a defining sound of punk and rock n’ roll for today’s alternative genre.

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