Matmos – “Plastic Anniversary” Review

Jared Rohlfing

Plastic Anniversary, the latest album by the Maryland-based electronic group Matmos, is an incredibly unique collection of tracks that succeeds in taking the listener on a musical journey of introspection. With strange, almost creepy sounding compositions abundant throughout, Plastic Anniversary is certainly an album I have never quite experienced before. Each track is almost like listening to a scene out of a movie; with bizarre sound effects and some really captivating tunes, the album made me contemplate exactly how the creators made each song. I would definitely recommend a listen if you want something completely different then you are used to. Some of the tracks such as “Silicone Gel Implant” are downright hypnotic and are sure to make you question what it is we consider to be music in the traditional sense. This is of the downright coolest experimental electronic albums I have ever listened to.

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