rnie – “Citrus” Review

Joshua Owens

Released this past December on Broken Circles, Citrus is Brooklyn-based rnie’s first full debut. Taking on a very hazy, lo-fi approach with muddled up, reverberated vocals, 10-track long Citrus runs for only 30 minutes, offering a short and sweet, dream-like sound. The guitars and vocals on this Citrus are heavily modulated, likely using chorus and slap-back delay/reverb effects. The first three tracks “Boys,” “Tobacco,” and “Homeroom,” are very strong opening songs and are among my personal favorites on the album. The first track, “Boys” starts upbeat, with a rushed, dazzling guitar melody that transitions into a gloomy interlude going into the next track. “Tobacco” is a bit slower tempo and relaxing, kinda like taking a cigarette break, while “Homeroom” picks up where Tobacco stopped, with the guitar chugging along to the rhythm as rnie sings along lackadaisically over the guitar melody.

After instrumental interlude “Cherries,” the album reaches its final tracks which are noticeably longer and ambient but just as enjoyable. “Earth Angel,” the longest song on the album, has a really interesting guitar riff and is probably the most intricate in the album, as there are numerous key changes which keep the hook fresh in the tracks entirety. “Continue” finishes out the album with just swelling piano and deep bass, as the guitar picks lightly over and the LP comes to a close. Overall, Citrus is a super strong debut which should build hype for rnie’s upcoming tour happening in the next couple weeks.

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