Sarah Louise – “Nighttime Birds and Morning Sounds” Review

Jordan Schreiber

Sarah Louise’s “Nighttime Birds and Morning Sounds” is an acoustic, psychedelic, and experimental album. The versatile eight song album will automatically transport you into a state of tranquility with Louise’s use of angelic harmonies and simplistic tones. By layering and looping effects, Louise creates a perfect stage to show off her guitar skills and especially her picking abilities in the song “R Mountain”. According to Louise’s Spotify bio, the entirety of her album is based around the nature that surrounds her North Carolina home. Chirping birds and the low hum of strings bring that idea of nature to life, allowing this album to bring a sense of peace to its listeners. This album can best be described as both intriguing and soothing. If you are searching for an album to lay back, dream to, or create to, this album will certainly spark the imagination.

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