The Warhawks – Stardust disco

Garrett Hammond

The Warhawks are an indie band that hail from Gloucester City, New Jersey, and describe their own music on their Bandcamp page as simply “Rock and Roll”. Stardust Disco is the first major EP release from The WarHawks and their second big project overall after last year’s LP Never Felt So Good. This was my first-time hearing anything from this band, and I have to say that it was a fun listen. The EP’s first two tracks “Deliver” and “I Can’t Wait” are simple but effective slices of raw power pop. After that, the remaining tracks go for an eclectic mix of musical stylings and tones while keeping its melodic elements and monster hooks. “Dire” gives off a 70s soft funk vibe, the verses in “Other Side of Life” harken back to Sonic Youth’s “Teen-Age Riot”, and “Don’t Give Up Your Heart” closes things out with a new wave sound with bouncy keyboards and a hopeful and anthemic chorus that makes you feel good about life.

The one track I want to highlight however is “Hang Around”. The production on this track is massive, featuring tons of reverb and guest musicians, and heavily reminds me of Brian Wilson’s work for The Beach Boys. Kudos to the producer, Dave Downham, for making this track, and the rest on this EP, sound as great as it does.

Overall, Stardust Disco is a very strong and impressive set of songs with positive enthusiasm running through its veins. I am eager to see what else The Warhawks have done and what they will do in the future. Also, I think you should keep an eye on Dave Downham. I think he will be capable of even better things in the future.

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