Timelost – Don’t Remember Me For This Review

Alec Good

In a digital world where things are constantly changing, Timelost emerges to remind us that music with some kick can still be made with guitars, drums and the like. Their debut album Don’t Remember Me For This roars into ears with lively rhythms and melodies, and the production is certainly more complex than most debut rock albums. The track “Lysergic Days” is a prime exhibit of these traits. The vocals and drop D-tuned guitar work gave flashbacks to Ghost’s “Satan Prayer”. However, Timelost uses these tools with a different approach from the groovy shock rock band; the production and drums keep the song plowing forward with no stop in sight – that said, who would want such sound to stop anyway? “Cryptorchid” exhibits the same raucous energy. The slightly more electrified Marilyn Manson cover seems fitting for a futuristic chase from The Fast and the Furious. It’s an eye-catching prospect to the band to say the least – the vocals leave a bit more to be desired – but that should be what keeps people wanting more from Timelost. With a more postmodern sound added to the rock world, I myself am intrigued to see what’s on the next page for them.

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