Band of Skulls – Himalayan

The modern day AC/DC sounding trio known as Band Of Skulls, known for their bluesy vibe, has surely kept that feel with Himalayan. This third studio album starts out strong with heavy hitting riffs and choruses comparable to the legendary Led Zeppelin. While the first half of the album is solid, ending with “Brothers and Sisters.” However, it begins to fall apart in the end. Parts of “I Guess I Know You Fairly Well” seem to lack some of the character or confidence that is clearly evident in the beginning of the LP. With retro sounds and quick, powerful chords striking throughout most of the album and specifically on “Asleep At The Wheel,” Himalayan is more than worth a listen. At the end of the day, Band Of Skulls has put out some great sounds, proving that having only three members is not holding them back. Most memorable from this album is the flamboyant guitar tones and that is something to be proud of from Band Of Skulls. -Colby Webb

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