Sweat it out! Sampler – Various Artists

Come Down / by Crooked Colours: with the British spelling if colors I instantly knew I’d love this song. What begins as a dreamy pop song slowly grows into a hectic but ultimately relaxing plethora of synth melodies. Promise Me / by Motez – with spooky synth lines and tight percussion I knew Motez’s “promise me” would not disappoint. The 3rd track on the compilation reaches it’s first peak at the 1:00minute mark. The real drop comes 35 seconds later and is a testament to how far Motez’s sound has really grown, and by the 4:00 minute mark you fall in love with the song all over again. Why Can’t You (Say So) / by Emoh Instead This spooky trap/ uk dub vibe that the song has going for it is unlike any song I’ve heard in a long time. At the 30 second mark we first get a taste of the flume-esk lead synth, which makes the track entirely unique. It’s a brassy sound, but so electronic in it’s nature that it catches you off guard, just as the distorted and pitchy vocals do. -Andrew Dutton

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