The Strypes- Snapshot

Energy, beautiful raunchy unadulterated energy. This statement can be used to describe a multitude of things. The power of a muscle car, the rush you get when you wake up to the first day of summer vacation, and the Strypes. These young Irish lads blow all of the hazy and commercial rock of the modern era out of the water and back onto the land and then back into the water again. Surprisingly enough I was first turned on to the Strypes via an ever fading social media outlet, Facebook. Their ads were incessant and final I cracked under the pressure and decided to take a look at the dingy looking band’s music. When I finally listened to them the first song I heard was Blue Collar Jane and then I was sold. I immediately heard the influence of classic rockers and modern musicians alike. The Rolling Stones, the Animals, and Jake Bugg in the form of uncanny undertones were dripping from the music that these teens from Ireland perform with an energy almost unmatched. As of late I have gotten some really great music to review and I can say hands down that the Strypes have been by far my favorite. If you’re looking for a retro listening experience check them out please and hopefully you and I will hear more from them in days to come. -Collin Hadsell

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