Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience to join WCUR?
• Nope! Training will teach you everything you’ll need to know!

Do I need to be in a certain major/minor program to join?
• Nope! WCUR is open to all majors and minors!

What opportunities does WCUR offer?
• This question is a favorite, because we do SO MUCH! Obviously, we have our programming schedule full of great shows that you guys make happen, but you can almost always find us at the big campus events playing music or live broadcasting from our tent! Additionally, we have numerous committees that give our members opportunities to participate in various station activities. We also have a large Executive Board that keeps the station humming along, and positions are always coming up for election. There are some really great leadership opportunities & experience there, so be sure to keep an eye on that!

How long does Training take?
• Depending on the “class” size, training takes between 4-6 weeks. It can be longer, but that normally only happens for people who had difficulty attending the regular meetings due to external factors. Please be sure to communicate any scheduling hurdles to the Training Director ASAP!

What does Training cover?
• Training has 3 major components:

  1. Station Policies & Student Organization structure
    1. We have a very unique structure, as we are the only student-org on campus that is subject to intense federal regulation & license. This is why we have a training process. We also represent the University as a radio station, and therefore must act in good faith with the extensive resources we have been granted.
  2. FCC [Federal Communications Commission] Regulations
    1. The FCC oversees all radio and TV communications in the United States. They have granted us a license for Educational Radio, which binds us to play by their rules. 
  3. Functional / Equipment Training
    1. To have an awesome show, you’ll need to know what all the buttons do! This is the best part of training. You’ll sit in with current DJs to learn and practice putting your sound on-air.

Are there any tests?
• Yes, 2. They are no sweat!

  1. Written Quiz
    1. This quiz asks you about the station policies and FCC regulations we have to follow. It is super simple, and there is a Kahoot study game that may or may not contain the entire quiz…
  2. Air Test
    1. This is a functional skill test. You’ll put a 10 minute show on-air, and we will go through all the essential processes of hosting a show. (Soundboard & Mics, Music, Automation transitions, On-Air Phone Calls, Transmitter Log). The Sit-Ins, as well as other resources, are designed to help you ace your Air Test.

I’m a trainee, and I can’t open the door to the station. What gives?!
• Our commitment to the University and the FCC is that only individuals with appropriate training are permitted in the station. Because of this, Trainees are not given access until they have completed the training process.

Can I come visit the Station?
• Sure! We are located on the 2nd floor of Sykes Student Union, office 237! For security purposes, our door is locked 24/7. You can call our Exec Office at 610-436-2414 and ask to be shown around, or set up a time with the Training Director. 

You may use the button below to sign up for training! Or, if you have any questions, you can contact the training director at [email protected].

Please be sure to click “Submit” on the Google Form before navigating away.

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