All Time Low – ‘Some kind of Disaster’

Ashley-Renee Wendel

Hailing from Towson, Maryland, Pop-punk/Alternative band All Time Low, release their newest single some kind of disaster. Released in January of 2020, it being their first new music to hit the scene in over a year. Some kind of a disaster is a song that has anthem like lyrics with an extremely catchy chorus and upbeat instrumentals. The music video has an interesting concept of a group therapy session and each person of the group is labeled after things from the chorus( ex: sinner, saint). As with most All Time Low songs, you get that roll your windows down and drive type of feeling while listening to it. If you’re into the pop-punk/ alternative genre, I highly suggest giving it a listen. Also in interviews and on social media band members mentioned a new era and a new album on the way, that some kind of a disaster is just the beginning so be on the lookout for that.

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