Anemone – “Beat My Distance” Review

Megan Ridgway

Anemone have a very unique sound to them. They are very indie pop, and have a smooth rhythm to them. If you are looking for music to kick your feet back and relax to, you have found the right group and album to listen to. Beat My Distance is an album you can shut your eyes to and take it all in. This definitely would not be music you are bopping your head to, but music that feeds your soul. Most of the songs include awesome and unique acoustics that lead up to the actual vocals of the song. They let you focus in on the mood of the music. A couple good listens for this album would be “Endless Dive” and “Sunshine (Back to the Start).” These two songs give the listener a sense of what their overall style is. If you are looking for good kick back and relaxing music, this may just be the album for you.


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