Cass McCombs – “Tip of the Sphere” Review

Evan Gardi

Cass McCombs delivers an hour-long album with Tip of the Sphere. After releasing his first album in 2004, McCombs has grown an incredible amount. Tip of the Sphere sounds most like McCombs’ 2013 release Big Wheel and Others. McCombs went for a folk/jam-band mix with a hint of psychedelia on this album. You can hear the influence from big name jam-bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish. McCombs also incorporated a lot of interesting instruments on this album (African-inspired drums on track #5), which give it a very unique sound. After McCombs’ 2016 album Mangy Love, his fans were definitely anxious to hear what he would put out next; and I believe McCombs hit it out of the park with this album. If you enjoy folk, jam bands, psychedelic rock, alternative rock and even indie, you will definitely enjoy this album.

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