Drugdealer – “Raw Honey” Review

Joshua Owens

Formerly known under the monikers of Run DMT and Salvia Plath, Michael Collins has released Raw Honey, his 2nd full length LP as Drugdealer. Building off of his well-received psych pop debut The End of Comedy, Drugdealer’s second effort Raw Honey is a blissful conglomeration of 60s/70s classic rock elements as well as a contemporary, indie pop structure that calls back to a number of influences on Collins and his array of collaborators. Tracks such as Fools, the single and a personal favorite, is reminiscent of the music of Boz Scaggs and Steely Dan with Drugdealer’s own psychedelic twist.

Just as he has done in the past, Drugdealer brings back Weyes Blood on the track “Honey,” who was previously featured on “Suddenly,” one of the most popular tracks from the first LP. In “Honey,” Weyes Blood puts on just as good of a performance as she did on The End of Comedy, which is impressive considering the recent release of her own LP as well. Additionally, Drugdealer also invites new collaborators such as Harley Hill-Richmond on “Lonely” and Dougie Poole on “Wild Motion.” Poole’s heavy Johnny Cash-esque singing on Wild Motion and Harley and the Hummingbirds supporting vocals on Lonely make both of these standout tracks in the 9-track, 35-minute album. Overall, Michael Collins effort on Raw Honey is an excellent sequel to The End of Comedy, and will have many new fans anticipating his upcoming tour as he prepares to tour the United States and Europe this summer.

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