Gnoomes – MU! Review

Jordan Schreiber

Originating in Russia the band Gnoomes can best be described as a techno, stargaze psych band. Forming in 2014, the band has been producing multiple albums and EPs. Their newest called MU! Which was released in 2019, features 9 songs all full of intense guitar sounds and atmospheric synth effects. Although I would argue that their opening song is a tad out of place compared to their other songs tonality-wise, the album is full of interesting songs. My personal favorite being, “Glasgow Coma State”. This particular song starts off with strong harmonies that showcase the vocal abilities in the band more than any other tune on the album. It also has a killer bass line to emphasis the intensity of the song. The end of the song sounds almost dream like with the sweet sounds of a singing synthesizer. The rest of the album includes cool pedal effects and as a good use of syncopation or odd rhythms to set their songs a part from the typical psych band. The only critique I have is that at times, the vocals like were lost in the full sound of the band and it was hard to decipher what the artists were trying to portray to their listeners. Overall a good album to check out!

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