Gorillaz – Doncamatic

Matt Horan

“Doncamatic” is a single released by Gorillaz alongside their album “Plastic Beach.” The song features another U.K artist Daley. The song is fun, and is truly a dance song if I’ve ever heard one. The tune, while heavily synthesized, manages not to be bogged down by the use of the synthesizer. Gorillaz never ceases to amaze me with the never-ending stream of music for everyone to listen to and enjoy. While the song itself truly does fit the overall vibe and theme of the Plastic Beach album, the song is unique in itself. Doncamatic does have a music video with stunning visuals of the sea and the life that dwells within but also a small but functional set of the inside of a submarine racing to its destination before taking on too much water and meeting its untimely end. As I said earlier, this is truly a song to dance to. Don’t sit back, and don’t relax because this song is definitely not all played out.

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