James Supercave – “Alarm Will Sound” Review

Michael Rogers

Alarm Will Sound is the second EP from California based trio James Supercave. This follows their debut album Better Strange, which dropped in 2016. The 6 track EP clocks in at a very short 18 minutes, with a rapid fire pace from the very first song, “Alarm Will Sound”. This nonstop ride continues with come alone and fools. It starts to slow down at about the halfway point in the EP with “Something To Lose” followed by a short, almost meditative instrumental called “K Town”. It picks right back up though with the final track “Clued Up”. The band’s sound can be described as hypnotic, upbeat electronic music with the lyrical heart that you would expect from three indie kids from California. Lyrically they don’t exactly pack the punch that they would like to, distancing themselves from bands like Tame Impala that they would be compared to. Were they to improve this and hone their sound more precisely, they could possibly shorten this gap- but the band has a long way to go. Ultimately, this EP is a middle of the road release that doesn’t quite match up to their first album or the potential that they have as a whole.


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