Judas Priest – “Firepower” Review

Gavin Good

What a punch! Something many acts could certainly work towards, but only the Priest could light that metal on fire. Many times you’ll hear instant classic as just another form of praise, but this is the most literal you can get with the phrase. Guitar wizards Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner give it the business from the explosive initial title track leading into leaf single “Lightning Strike”, a traditional track not unlike that of “Dragonaut” fron the previous record. “Evil Never Dies” kicks it for possibly one of the greatest tracks forged by the band. Rob Halford’s wails paired with Scott Travis’ motorcycle-like drumming turns the song into what should be an ongoing anthem for the next “Godzilla” movie; fight music at its purest as if the crowning title track didn’t kick you into gear enough. Another highlight is the sauntering “Spectre”, with a smooth groove and distinct guitar work by Tipton for the main riff that will linger in your head for weeks on end. The metal gods are living proof that a good band doesn’t go stale after a career lasting a lifetime. Fifty years never felt so good!

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