Moving Panoramas – “In Two” Review

Jordan Schreiber

On February 22nd, 2019, Moving Panoramas put out their brand new album In Two following their debut album, One released in 2015. The album consisting of ten songs feature guest artists such as Matthew Caws, Sabrina Ellis, and past Moving Panoramas members. For this album, the band believes that they have increased their musicality by introducing new instrumentation and new sounds, by using a pedal steel to enhance their overall sound.

According to their Spotify bio page, the band states that this album intends to expand in diversity, rhythm, and in volume. This is evident in their music by their usage of numerous instruments and complex drum rhythms. Their dream-like music makes their album the perfect choice for a beach day or road trip. Their use of echo and reverb make for a relaxing listen. The sweet and inviting voice of lead singer, Leslie Sisson accents and accentuates the dreamy tone of their music. My personal favorite song on the album is their ballad, “Forever Gone” that is both poetic and catchy to any listener. The album is definitely a step up from their debut, and goes to show how much effort they will put into their work to create something diverse.

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