MR NO – No. 1 EP Review

Ben Dooling

In MR NO’s EP titled NO.1 is a straight up west coast alternative vibe. You can cruise to it in the car on a nice day with your windows down. MR NO also incorporates an electric jam band to continue the West coast vibe which closes out “Wait” and “Not Even Gone”. On the third track “On Read”, the vocalist tackles the problem of a relationship falling apart while he is not ready and is holding on to nothing. “Why Are You So Sad?”sounds like a John Mayer deep cut with their own spin on it. This song also is also deals with partners in different parts of the relationship and trying to help each other out. To wrap up the EP “ Lovely Jean” is a starts off with a cute acoustic guitar that leads up into a solid wall of sound in the last third of the song. Solid work for MR NO that can be enjoyed in the car, dorm, or studying.

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