Of Montreal – UR FUN

Julia Cannon

of Montreal is an American indie pop band from Athens Georgia. The band is currently made up of Kevin Barnes (singer), Clayton Rychlik, Jojo Glidewell, Davey Pierce, and Nicholas Dobbratz. Kevin Barnes founded the band in 1996 and named the band, of Montreal, due to a failed romance with a woman from Montreal, Quebec. On January 17, 2020 the band released UR FUN making it their sixteenth studio album.

Over the years of Montreal has incorporated sounds from past decades. In their 2015 album Aureate Gloom, they were influenced by the mid to late 1970’s music like Led Zeppelin.

In their 2016 album called Innocence Reaches they incorporated new EDM inspired sounds. In their newest album of Montreal, to me, sounded like they got inspiration from the 80s. Many of their songs on this album are very upbeat along with having an 80s sound. Although they are classified as an indie pop band, they have a psychedelic pop sound. Psychedelic pop includes elements that are “trippy” effects such as fuzz guitars, tape manipulation, and backwards recording. In this album I would say they mixed the 80s style with psychedelic pop to create a very interesting sound I have not heard before.

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