Ozwald – “Sweet Delirium” Review

Alec Good

This is a record that is sure to get a Spring 2019 atmosphere echoing in your head. Ozwald’s Sweet Delirium is a large and enticing left turn from the melodic vernacular of today’s alternative music despite its irrefutably modern production. The title track seemingly summarizes the album’s style: a stir of Beatles-esque vocals and simplicity coupled with the electrified complexity of contemporary sound. Certainly an album for the masses and those who want an innovative rock n’ roll scene.

Jared Rohlfing

No beating around the bush on this one. Ozwald’s Sweet Delirium is a an exceptionally strong album that invokes the feeling of a really fun summertime album. I was pleasantly surprised to find that almost every song on the album had a catchy hook or some clever guitar playing that immediately put a smile on my face. One song in particular on this album ‘Au Revoir’ is reminiscent of a contemporary Pink Floyd type track with a really funky beat that I enjoyed quite a lot. ‘Time’ and ‘Sweet Delirium’ were also another set of standout tracks on this record that were really fun to listen to. Each song is extremely easy to listen to and is digestible for just about anybody. If you’re looking for something to crank on this summer during a long-night drive definitely give this one a listen. Sweet Delirium is far and away my personal favorite album I have reviewed in my time writing for WCUR.

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