Polo & Pan – “Caravelle” Review

Jordan Schreiber

Polo & Pan’s debut album “Caravelle” is a surprising mixed bag of music. Although the pair categorize themselves as French electronic, their upbeat and creative music creates a wide range of emotion. From carnival to beach-y to Spanish tango to k-pop, this album is a fun listen no matter the style. Their wide style range may be due to their vision for the album. According to Polo and Pan’s Spotify bio, “Caravelle” tells the story of their world-wide travels. This can be shown through their extensive use of instrumentation. Marimbas, shakers, and guitar is often mixed with their bass-heavy electronic sounds and robotic, harmonized voices creating a dance like vibe. It’s hard to listen to this album and not want to get up and move or at least tap a foot to their repetitive but catchy rhythms. A fun and unique first album, Polo & Pan succeed in an uplifting, worldly electronic album.

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