SlØtface – Sorry For the Late Reply

Alyssa Menko

SlØtface is a Norwegian indie pop punk band formerly known as Slutface. The group began in 2012 and then released their first single in 2014 as an official band. Since then, this group of 4 has released multiple singles and EPs, along with a full album in 2017 and their most recent album, Sorry for the late reply, in 2020. Sorry for the late reply contains 13 different songs including an intro and a slowed-down reprise of one of their faster songs on the album, “Crying in Amsterdam.” This intro, with the same title as the album (Sorry for the late reply), is all instrumental; instead of being an intro for the whole album, it serves as an intro to the second to last song, “Sink or Swim,” which uses the album title as part of the lyrics.

Stylistically, a lot of the songs on this album remind me of songs in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, particularly the song “Black Sheep,” covered by Brie Larson’s character during the Battle of the Bands. The lyrics follow a pattern that can be described as more of a stream of consciousness, rather than following some sort of narrative that has a beginning and an end. The female lead singer, Haley Shea, does a good job delivering these lines so that they are cut-throat and to the point.

The punk nature of this album empowers self-criticism and a negative mindset and is more accepting toward thoughts that describe how imperfect life can be. Even the songs that talk about love characterize it as something that is physically demanding and painfully crushing rather than warm and endearing. Some of the music choices throughout the album have more of garbled, static quality which is very intentional and reflected on lyrically in a song towards the end of the album called “Static.” Like every punk album ever, Sorry for the late reply is extremely edgy and blunt. But, by mixing pop with punk, SlØtface has managed to create 13 exciting songs that are worthy of both head-banging and playing in the background to unwind and hang out.

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