Steve Gunn – “The Unseen In Between” Review

Evan Gardi

Steve Gunn’s fifth solo album, The Unseen In Between, reminds me of a warm, laid back summer evening with its mix of alternative and folk rock. This Brooklyn-based, Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter takes aspects of his backing guitar from his work in Kurt Vile and the Violators, and adds a more folk-y twist to it. The mix of acoustic and electric guitar in most of the album’s tracks give off a very ambient vibe. Although Gunn talks about some intense topics, like his father’s death in the track “Stonehurst Cowboy”, you are still left feeling calm throughout this album. When listening, you can tell that Gunn has grown a lot from his previous albums and is definitely trying to grow more (and succeeding). In my opinion Gunn, has delivered his most experimental, and some would argue best album yet.


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