Swervedriver – “Future Ruins” Review

Alec Good

Swervedriver are back with an album that can be seen as a 30th anniversary to the group’s conception! Future Ruins is a work that is more raw compared to the rest of the alternative genre today, with several tracks featuring rugged riffs that especially take a listener such as myself back ten or even twenty years. This record is a highly refreshing one when it comes to production; the sound is down-to-earth and less processed than many other works of 2019, with tracks such as “Golden Remedy” and “Spiked Flower” featuring humble melodies that forces the reader to focus on the instruments rather than what backs them. “Drone Lover” and “Mary Winter” were my own favorites from the album; these tracks have some of the most grit of the album’s entirety and take the listener back to a more blues-oriented atmosphere. All in all, Swervedriver’s latest release is a pleasing series of tracks teeming with smooth vocal harmonics, and fervent riffs that come in sleek waves. If you want an alternative sound that’s less indie but not as rough or vigorous as a band like Helmet, then Future Ruins is for you. Happy listening!

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