Tropical Fuck Storm – “Braindrops” Review

Tim Vander Neut

Now what can one really expect with a band named, “Tropical Fuck Storm”? If you had guessed soulful lyrics mixed with virtuosic and intricate performances reminiscent of the hard rock/ electric blues/ acid rock era of musical exploration then you would only just begin to describe the sound of TFS in their latest offering, Braindrops. This album combines the classic and time-tested sound of 70s exploration with a new anti-rock tone in the vein of post-punk and prog rock greats such as Joy Division and early King Crimson with the use of atonal guitar and distortion. Definitely check this one out if only for the intro track “Paradise” and allow yourself to experience this offering through headphones to pay attention to the crisp detail of the recording paying attention to each instrumentation individually.

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