Com Truise – Wave

1. Wasat: my first formal introduction to Com Truise is a blissful one, an intriguingly painted sounded- scape with delightful synth rifts which makes up the most of the first track, and when the layered drugs actual begin to do their work the songs almost over 2. Mind: I like the vibe of it better than the first, with pinging synth lines and crisp drums, com’s signature sound is again redefined. An epic lead tops of the tracks sound design. Which while far from grotesque, is quite repetitive. 3. Declination (feat. Joel Ford): begins with a haunting delayed synth line that permeates for the first 2 measures, then the crunchy drums, and bold base begin to do their work. As other sounds are sprinkled in the track begins to take it’s shape, and by the 2 min. Mark we’ve seen much of the songs diversity already 4. Mind: starts of odd, with a washy synth and distorted vocals, and what sounds like a default garage band synth. I really get an 80s vibe on this track, like a darker, distorted 80s vibe. The singer goes on and on about gravity, and while hard to interpret his speech makes for a perfect and unlikely complement for the instrumental he backs. -Andrew Dutton

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