Dan Croll – Sweet Disarray

Dan Croll began as undergraduate student influenced deeply through the experiences he had in the Institute he attended, one experience in particular being his one-on-one experience with legend Paul McCartney. As one of the cited artists in Dan Croll’s repertoire and major influences on the album ‘Sweet Disarray’, McCartney served as one of the guides to tend to Croll’s initial sound. The combinations of smooth vocals like that of Bastille and catchy, upbeat synthesizer undertones like Passion Pit, ‘Sweet Disarray’ makes you tend to your more intimate, relaxed sides and serves a great album for a nostalgic, thoughtful evening or a long road trip ahead. The smooth tone of Dan’s voice leaves room to show the melting pot of influences he has been influence by and sweetens the tastebuds of all listeners. Some of the songs in the album give many stylistic contrasts the one following such as “Home”, making way for a flowing fingerpicked guitar accompaniment (much like the Beatles), meanwhile allowing for each song to have tasteful, delicate lyrics that is easy listening for all. ‘Sweet Disarray’ is made up of 10 tracks that utilize the modern, folk-like pop tunes that remain popular today. -Deejay Johnson

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