De Lux – Voyage

Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco make up the Los Angeles-based post-disco group. This new album Voyage concentrates on meaningful lyrics rather than a dance only record that may have been expected. The album is full of energy from start to finish while each song maintains its own distinctive identity. Many of the songs are based on love, evident in both “Love Is A Phase” and “Sometimes Your Friends Are Not Your Friends.” Unlike some club dance hits, the tracks on Voyage are thought provoking in a sense and actually contain lyrics that make the listener think beyond the razzle-dazzle sounds being laid out. In the best plain-Jane way to put it, this album doesn’t only give you something to dance to, it gives you reason to dance. Keep your ears open even if you don’t like a lot of dance music. I have a feeling you may just like Voyage! -Colby Webb

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