Foster the People – Supermodel

With the success of their 2011 debut album Torches, Foster the People return three years later with an equally captivating second studio album, Supemodel. The trio comprised of frontman Marcus Foster, bassist Cubbie Fink, and drummer Mark Pontius managed to maintain their status of upbeat indie-pop tunes with heavy lyrical undertones. Perhaps his professional jingle writing days are the cause, but nevertheless, Marcus Foster’s catchy choruses will surely draw people in. Even so, the brilliant harmonies and laid-back vocals don’t take away from the contemplative lyrics. His honest self-questioning is what makes the songs incredibly relatable, such as ‘Are You What You Want To Be’ (“These things ask the biggest question to me… So are you what you want to be?”) and ‘Ask Yourself’ (“Is this the life you’ve been waiting for?”). Supermodel’s variety of acoustic guitars, 70s disco-funk, and prog-rock synths allow it to be one of those albums that has a favorite song for everyone who listens. The cheery verses that you find stuck in your head will also be the ones to make you question society and your place in it, just as Foster does. As fans who have waited three years for new music will surely agree, Supermodel is a perfect sophomore studio album. -Kristen Humphries

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