Ken Stringfellow – Danzig in the Moonlight

Ken Stringfellow is an indie rock musician who comes from the indie/alternative mecca of Seattle. The roots of this album can be traced from his involvement in the production of albums with Neil Young, Death Cab For Cutie, and R.E.M. In some of Stringfellow’s songs you can listen to the soft vocals that resonate beside the Bob Dylan style harmonica lines, specifically the song 110 Or 220V. The next song Superwise takes a different turn with a synth-pop feel that is more like Death Cab For Cutie. Most of his songs have a slower tempo that put you into a relaxed, reflective state. There is a strong use of the piano to set the mood of the songs. Your The Gold has a quicker pace with the introduction of an accordian and rhythm guitar. This album has a good mix of styles from jazz, to country, to soul. The use of instruments such as the accordian, sax, bass, and piano add the different musical styles. -Matt Stone

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