Panama – Always

The Sydney based electro-pop group, Panama, releases their second studio project, Always. Though the EP is only a three track sequence of dancy indie pop songs, this Aussie group expresses their versatility. The title track and opener “Always” has a summertime feel that flawlessly shows off Panama’s central sound. With an infectious drumbeat and numerous production elements, the second track “How We Feel” is undoubtedly the most electro and upbeat number on the EP. Yet Panama has much more to offer than catchy, singalong choruses. Powered by drums and synth pop, “Destroyer” has eerie vocals reminiscent of The 1975’s Matt Healy. The simple lyrics give the song an easy listen, but it could absolutely be a fan favorite. Always closes with three remixes that play around with different production elements, showcasing just how skillful Panama can be. -Kristen Humphries

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