Pure X – Angel

Pure X’s album ‘Angel’ highlights the sounds of the past and the sounds of the “now”. With a flair of the 80’s Fleetwood Mac mellow, melodic sound along with a splash of the Young’s underlying classic rock foundation, ‘Angel’ gives listeners a reason to relax and wind down. With a combination of textures in instrumentation of synthesizers, guitars, and perfectly placed percussions, the ambient, foggy sound of ‘Angel’ makes way for a new era of voice for Pure X as compared to their previous two albums ‘Crawling Up theStairs’ and ‘Pleasure’. ‘Angel’’s smooth melody in collaboration with its blissful harmonies have listeners reach the band’s full potential and live to its name meaning “full ecstasy”. The album contains 11 tracks which meld into each other with ease of the ear. -Deejay Johnson

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