Tokyo Police Club – Forcefield

Over the past few years Tokyo Police Club has worked to create a unique sound. Many say this was accomplished with the last album Champ. The latest album, Forcefield, simply does not compare to past work when it comes to the level of energy that was previously a trademark for TPC. Opening the album is “Argentine (Parts I, II, III)” which creates a mature vibe starting from pop-like sounds and moving towards a more adventurous showcase of the band’s personality. This movement continues throughout the entirety of the album as the dramatic shift in sound is noted in the albums name. TPC did not want to follow music trends, but focus on the music they wanted to write. “Hot Tonight” seems to be the catchy song off the album, having the most recognizable chorus that gave TPC their original fame. Paired with a notable chorus, this song in general has the most rock oriented guitar riffs in comparison to the rest of the albums power pop sound. While Forcefield may not be a step forward from the sounds of Champ four years ago, it is definitely proof of the evolution of TPC. Some long time listeners may question the direction of this latest album, but the overall progression of the group may attract new ears. -Colby Webb

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